About Lizzie Marie

People frequently ask me how I know so much about cooking at my age and why I started Lizzie Marie Cuisine. My family has a tradition of making homemade applesauce every winter. When I was two years old, I loved helping my mom make applesauce by sitting on the kitchen counter, stirring in spices and being her taste-tester. This is when I realized how much I enjoyed cooking and have been cooking ever since.

This is how it all began (Lizzie in the kitchen at age 2)

As the years progressed, I became interested in horseback riding. At the age of six, I talked with my parents and asked them if I could take riding lessons, but I wanted to pay for the lessons. My parents asked me how I could raise money. I suggested that I bake and sell healthy treats at a local farmers market. I've always been curious about food and constantly ask my parents questions on how to cook healthy. My family did not always cook healthy because my parents used to be overweight. After my parents lost over 100 pounds, we started to cook healthy. Realizing how much I enjoyed sharing my passion of healthy cooking with other people inspired me to create Lizzie Marie Cuisine in 2006.

Children eager to sample Lizzie's green eggs and ham at the 2008 Taste of Atlanta (George Duran of Food Network was Lizzie's emcee)

In 2007 I asked my dad to create a website for Lizzie Marie Cuisine because I wanted to teach people how to have fun cooking healthy with my cooking videos. Thus www.LizzieMarieCuisine.com was launched. Near the end of 2007, I applied for a grant to teach healthy cooking classes in my community from DoSomething.org.

Students eager to ask Lizzie questions at the 2009 "First Down for Fitness" event with NFL Falcons and Metro Atlanta American Heart Association

I won the Del Monte "Do Something Good for You!" grant in 2008 for my Tasty Tidbits cooking classes. Tasty Tidbits teaches adults and children how to fight obesity by having a delicious time cooking healthy meals. This was a busy year which included me cooking on stage at Taste of Atlanta and numerous local appearances and cooking demonstrations.

Standing room only for Lizzie's cooking demonstration at the 2010 Taste of Atlanta

Throughout the years, the Metro Atlanta American Heart Association invited me to be a spokesperson for different projects including the "First Down for Fitness" program in conjunction with the NFL Atlanta Falcons. The program teaches students throughout Atlanta how to incorporate exercise and healthy eating into their daily lives. Taste of Atlanta invited me for a return appearance at their 2010 festival.

Lizzie with Kindness Challenge participants and Rachael Ray in 2011

One of the most exciting opportunities so far was when I appeared on the Rachael Ray show in January 2011 for the USA Today and Do Something "Kindness Challenge". I am so thankful for all of the opportunities that have allowed me to grow Lizzie Marie Cuisine in ways I've never imagined.

Thanks for your support!

Lizzie Marie