Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What a Vegan Eats in a Day

One of the things I love about being vegan is how versatile my food options are, and how fun and easy it is to experiment with combinations of foods and ingredients.  Unfortunately, a lot of people think that vegans have very limited options because they don't eat animal products.  More than once I've had someone tell me "I don't know how you survive" or "So, what can you eat?"  In this post I hope to show you just a few of the different foods I like to eat throughout the day.  These meals are simple, delicious, and healthy, and I'd love for you to give them a try! 

  • Toast with sunflower butter and sliced bananas
  • Silk non-dairy yogurt with mixed berries
  • Homemade hash: hashbrowns, meatless crumbles, diced onion and bell pepper, and spices such as garlic powder and red pepper flakes!
  • Pita pocket with homemade hummus (click here for the recipe!), sprouts and sliced cucumber, with a side of tortilla chips and salsa
  • The ultimate PB&J: add sliced banana and sunflower seeds to make your favorite PB&J sandwich more filling (and delicious!), and a side salad with cucumber, onion, carrot and vegan goddess dressing (I like the brand Annie's)
  • Daiya mac and cheese - super easy to make, and super yummy!

  • Gyros (recipe here) with pita chips and hummus
  • Pad thai from your favorite Thai restaurant (just ask for no egg and add tofu)
  • Coconut Bliss ice cream - they're my favorite brand of non-dairy ice cream!
  • Gelatin-free gummy bears (Trader Joe's has some options)
  • Glutino Chocolate Vanilla Creme Cookie - the gluten-free version of Oreos (although Oreos are surprisingly vegan)
And there you have it!  As far as snacks, I like to munch on chips (sea salt and vinegar is my favorite, although be sure to check the ingredients for milk), an apple with peanut butter, or grapes!

I hope you found this post helpful, whether you're vegan, want to try going vegan, or just interested in seeing what a vegan eats!  Let me know what other vegan foods you eat throughout the day.  
Thanks for reading!

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