Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Sunrise Juice

Hello all! 
One of my favorite parts of the summer is being able to enjoy all the fresh and delicious fruits that are in season.  Juicing is a great way to enjoy all the sweet fruits that make summer great, and this recipe is one of my absolute favorites.  Here are a couple notes on this recipe:
- This recipe is really more of a foundation for you to create your own recipe.  I really encourage you guys to try different combinations and amounts of fruits to create the juice variation that you really love.  You can try adding fruits like grapefruit or even try adding some carrots!
- Every juicer is designed differently.  My juicer, for instance, doesn't require apples to be peeled or have the core removed as it filters those out on its own.  Do your research on your juicer to see how big to cut the fruit slices and what to remove from the fruit (or vegetable) before juicing.
- I would recommend making this juice in steps.  Although it does make the process a bit more time-consuming, it's really handy to be able to juice a few fruits at a time, let that mixture refrigerate, and then add the next batch of juice.  That way, your juice stays cool throughout the whole process and you're not worried about your juice oxidizing (aka turning a yucky color) or getting room temperature as you're juicing.

Phew, and now for the actual Summer Sunrise Juice recipe!

Hope you guys enjoy this recipe; be sure to share your favorite juice recipes with me! 

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