Thursday, April 10, 2014

Recreating the Starring Pastry from Grand Budapest Hotel

Hi guys!

Today I decided to cook (actually, bake!) something a bit different from what I normally do.  I recently saw the Grand Budapest Hotel movie and loved it, and one of the key plotlines to the movie involves a French pastry.  The French pastry, referred to as Mendl’s pastry, looked pretty complicated but really delicious.  I found the recipe online and decided to give it a go!

 Part I

Part II
Part III

This recipe was definitely out of my comfort zone.  I’m not a huge fan of baking because it usually takes a long time and is very exact – and this recipe was no exception.  Every component took a good bit of time and it was definitely a challenge.  However the pastry was super tasty and looked beautiful.  I was pretty proud of how much it looked like the pastry from the movie! 

Thanks for watching, see you next time!
Lizzie Marie

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