Monday, December 16, 2013

Where's the Boeuf?

Bonjour Everyone!

In today’s video I will be talking about boucheries, the French equivalent of a butcher. Butchers in France are a bit different from the butchers here in America. While they do contain similar basic meats like beef, chicken, and pork, French butchers do have more regional selections.

Boucheries in France typically have various offerings of seasoned meats, and one of my favorites was veal stuffed with figs. Chickens are also commonly found in boucheries, however there are several different options. You can choose to buy different parts of the chicken that have already been cleaned or you can buy the whole chicken (including the feathers and head). While the whole chicken is a bit more expensive, the quality is usually higher and most boucheries can skin and clean the chicken for you if you ask. Some boucheries also sell seasoned butters, such as garlic butter or herb butter, that go very nice with different types of meats.

Check out my video for more information on what to expect before shopping at a boucherie in France.

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