Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Olympics Sports: Pancake Toss & Cherry Pit Spit!

Hi Everyone!

My family got together recently and participated in some fun Olympic-style games!  My Aunt Tami and I competed as a team and played all sorts of games; like beanbag toss and water balloon tossing.

Some of my favorites were the pancake toss (no pancakes involved!) and the cherry pit spit.  The pancake toss was where we threw a ‘pancake’ (a bean bag) to each other using pans.  I also had a lot of fun doing the cherry pit spit.  Aunt Tami won that event with one pit getting over 15 feet in distance!  Watch the video below!

What are some Olympic-style games your family has been doing this summer?  Which Olympic events have you been watching?  I love watching the synchronized diving, gymnastics, and archery.

Thanks for reading!

Lizzie Marie