Monday, November 7, 2011

The Verdict is In...

Hi Everyone!

The 2011 Taste of Atlanta was the best yet! I recently attended Taste of Atlanta as a judge for two events! The first event was the Cook's Warehouse Iron Chef Kids cooking competition. I, along with 2 other judges, tasted several different desserts. The first dish was a plate with 3 tarts: pistachio, raspberry, and mango. They were all really good, but my favorite was the raspberry tart.

The second dessert was strawberry cake with whipped cream. It was very dense and moist, and had a nice flavor. The final dessert was a lemon tart with a raspberry sauce and a meringue. The lemon tart was my favorite. It was tart and sweet, had a nice texture, and had an overall deliciousness! The judges and I consulted and it was a tie between the first dessert and the last one.

After the Cook's Warehouse competition, I judged the Top Chef Kids cooking competition.

We were served 2 dishes, and each dish incorporated pasta. The first dish was an Asian pasta salad, with a ginormous prawn! The pasta salad had mango, peppers and lots of other veggies in it. It was very light and refreshing.

The second dish was a soup with pancetta, kale, and pasta. It was also very good! The pancetta and the pasta worked very well with each other. The judges and I consulted and decided that the first dish was the winner!

After judging, I tasted some different foods: baklava (a Greek dessert), maple bacon ice cream, grilled corn, and lots of other tasty foods! The maple bacon ice cream was very good; it was salty and sweet. I also really liked the grilled corn because of its smoky flavor and the baklava because of it’s freshness.

Thanks for reading!

Lizzie Marie