Wednesday, May 11, 2011

East Atlanta Village Farmers Market

Hi everyone!

I love farmers markets which are basically markets where different people (some are even farmers, go figure) sell their homemade foods, products and fresh produce. Farmers markets are close to my heart because I started Lizzie Marie Cuisine at my local farmers market. I went to the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market on Cinco de Mayo and I had a blast! Even though the market was small, it was pretty crowded. The main reason I went to the market was to pick up some Flott tuna. Flott tuna is tuna imported from Italy, but instead of the tuna being in water, it's sealed in olive oil! When you cook with the tuna, do not throw out the olive oil because that's the best part! The only place I could find Flott tuna was in Florida, so I was ecstatic when I found a local supplier. I also picked up some vegetarian lasagna which was delicious from Urban Cannibals!

I tried a lot of different foods, too, like a Mexican Coke Float in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. A Mexican Coke Float uses Mexican Coke that has only real cane sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Instead of ice cream, I got lemon-lime sorbet. It was divine! I also tried Beef Stock Jalapeno Peppers boiled peanuts (yum) and a vegetarian taco. Some other things we picked up were pimento cheese with roasted red peppers from Grace's Goodness, Jerusalem sesame and regular sesame bagels, a garlic scape (baby garlic that is green and curly), lettuces and Easter egg radishes (they were pink, purple and white). The Jerusalem bagel (left in photo) was slightly darker than the regular sesame bagel (right in photo) and was a bit sweet. The pimento cheese was amazing on the toasted bagels.

In my online high school, different students run different clubs. I happen to run the Culinary Club. A couple of days after our farmer's market adventure, I asked my mom if she could turn the garlic scape into a couture hat for me to wear during the Culinary Club meeting. My mom clipped it to my hair and it looked amazing! I looked like I was ready to attend the Royal Wedding. Unfortunately, during the middle of the meeting the garlic scape fell out and I was left with oddly-smelling hair. Have you ever made a food-fashion-statement? If so, do tell on Twitter @TheLizzieMarie.

Thanks for reading!

Lizzie Marie

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  1. You can try a lot of cuisine during the event. The garlic scape makes a good statement.