Thursday, March 17, 2011

Check Out the Healthy Cooking with Chef Lizzie Show at WebMD

» Healthy Cooking with Chef Lizzie

Hi everyone! Today is the official launch of the Healthy Cooking with Chef Lizzie show at WebMD on their new FIT channel. These episodes are featured in the FIT Kids portal under "Food."

The first episode, Green Eggs and Ham is a great recipe to celebrate on St. Patrick's Day. You can also "go green" with my episode called Banana Breakfast Bash that features a colorful green smoothie that tastes delicious and is super healthy.

The FIT channel is based on 4 pillars: Food (what you eat), Move (need to exercise), Mood (your emotions) and Recharge (rest and relax). FIT teaches families how to live healthier by offering fun games for the kids and great tools for the parents. I had so much fun filming the cooking episodes. I hope you enjoy them. You can view them here (there are multiple episodes):

» Healthy Cooking with Chef Lizzie

This is another way I'm continuing to work towards my goal of ending obesity by helping families live healthy and fit.


  1. Wow! Lizzie! This is amazing! Congratulations. :)

  2. Lizzie this is fantastic! I love your banana bash smoothie, I made the same type of smoothie and sometimes add kefir or a little vanilla powder. You are definitely setting an example for others! Congrats!

  3. Thanks everyone! It was so much fun making the videos; I'm glad my hard work paid off!

    @agirlandhercarrot I've never heard of kefir before; does it change the way the smoothie tastes?