Monday, February 21, 2011

Rachael Ray and USA Today Kindness Challenge Update #5

Hi everyone, Lizzie here! This week I visited the Bluebird CSA in Griffin, Georgia to learn more about CSAs and pick up a vegetable box.

Did you catch today's update on the Rachael Ray Show? If not, you can check it out at this link. You can also read about this update online at USA Today.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Farmers sell a portion of their crops through the CSA program to people who buy boxes full of fresh and local fruits and veggies. The items in the boxes change seasonally.

CSAs are a great way to support local farmers and are a fun way to try new produce you may have never heard of before like rainbow carrots. I used some of the vegetables from my box to make lentil stew with my dad. It was yummy and the fresh veggies were delish!

Do you remember learning how to read labels when shopping for healthy foods in my Week 2 video? Have fun making a game reading labels with your family to see who can find the healthiest juice, pasta etc.

Did you know that some TV cable companies offer free workout videos? They're a great way to try different programs that work best for you. See if your cable company has a Sport/Fitness channel.

I hope you have been getting a "taste" of what my cookbook will offer with my weekly video topics. Discover how to have fun shopping for healthy items outside the grocery store by watching my Week 5 video at my website. Click on the Downloads & Tools tab and click on the CSA link to find a CSA near you.

See you next week!

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