Monday, January 31, 2011

Rachael Ray and USA Today Kindness Challenge Update #2

This week I visited my local grocery store and made a video giving tips on how to shop for healthy foods. These tips will be featured in my cookbook as well. I covered some topics on how to live healthy including my definition of healthy food and how to perimeter shop. I also compared different food items to show how easy and important it is to read food labels.

For example, here is what you might see on a package of chips:

Now, compare that with a healthier, natural chip — which would you prefer?

Another exciting event that happened this week was speaking with a public relations company on how to market Tasty Tidbits project. I was given some great advice on how to use social networks to promote the Kindness Challenge.

I also talked with a literary agent this week who helped me prioritize writing my book. It was nice to hear that I have plenty of content available for my cookbook. The literary agent advised me to put more of my personal story into the cookbook introduction.

This evening I will be interviewing an Olympic Gold Medalist on how a healthy lifestyle contributes to her success. The full interview will be on my website soon.

My exercise tip for this week is that when you need to go to a store, you can park further away than you normally do to walk more which is a great exercise.

Be sure to watch my Week 2 Update video and download your free grocery list found in the Downloads & Tools tab.

Lizzie Likness

Tasty Tidbits Shocks Parents — Parent of Tasty Tidbits class participant, "My daughter begged me to stop at the store on the way home from your class to buy all the ingredients from your recipes, and we did!"


  1. Great Job Lizzie ~ Keep up the great work 8-)

  2. Hi Lizzie! I think label reading is a brilliant lesson to share, and I love the idea of including as many personal anecdotes and stories of your own in your new cookbook. As a writer and speaker of many years, I can promise you that people love stories of an "expert's" own life experience ~ it makes you seem more "real" to your fans! I think you are doing a terrific job, keep looking up!

  3. Oops ~ I typed that too fast (great writer that I am, lol!). I meant to suggest including as many stories *as you can* !!